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Excessive sodium Shanghai Maling luncheon meat, Guangzhou, supermarket shelves have been the first. Hong Kong Consumer Council has issued excessive sodium luncheon meat "blacklist", Maling brand pork luncheon meat listed.

5 10 days serve a large supermarket in Guangzhou, told reporters that they had taken the lead frame sealed under the brand name products. Shanghai Maling Aquarius and the company said, the company's products "fully in line with national standards", China Can Industry Association also issued a document called the matter "Merlin" brand luncheon meat is in line with national standards of safety Food , The consumers safe to eat. Hong Kong detected excessive use of sodium

WHO recommended standards It is understood that the Hong Kong Consumer Council recently announced the sale of luncheon meat in the local Hong Kong, Can , Canned sardines sodium (salt) content of sample results, including lunch Shanghai Maling B2 Canned meat Maling luncheon meat and a high sodium content.

Reporter learned from the official website of the institution, the nominal MaLing high sodium content of pork luncheon meat, half a can have 2,230 milligrams of sodium exceeded the WHO recommended daily intake of 2000 mg. Hong Kong's Consumer Council said that if the same day by the additional sodium intake of other foods, will further boost the intake of sodium, effect on health.

The agency said, according to the British Food Standards Agency's data, per 100 g of food containing more than 600 milligrams of sodium, it is a high sodium content. According to test results, the Shanghai Maling B2 pork luncheon meat, canned food per 100 grams of sodium 1025 mg, Maling luncheon meat up to 2230 mg, which is higher than the UK Food Standards Agency guidelines set a high 272%.

In Guangzhou supermarket shelves two weeks ago
's May 10 visit to the Guangzhou market and found some MaLing luncheon meat in the sale. Guangzhou Wuyang Park told reporters at a large supermarket, the mall two weeks ago under the brand luncheon meat racks, storage, "When things are clear, no problem re-shelves."

Media reported that the Shenzhen Municipal Market Authority Food Safety Is highly concerned about this matter, staff has arranged a luncheon meat on the market for sampling. Once the test results come out, will be the first time to the public.

Canning industry association for manufacturers to name the innocence
5 10, and Shanghai Maling Aquarius Co., Ltd. denied Merlin Excessive sodium luncheon meat. Reporter learned from the company, the company has issued a statement on the matter, the company also produced a test report showing that the sodium content targets its products at about 1.7%, not exceeding.

China Canned Food Industry Association, also sent a letter to communicate the matter to the Hong Kong Consumer Council. Reporter learned yesterday from the Association, the state health department recommended the maximum adult daily sodium intake should not be more than 6 grams. Domestic production of canned luncheon meat company running the national standard, the standard Salt Target of 1.0%? 2.5%, taking into account the requirements of different regions of the taste, general business practice to master about 1.7%. The Association believes that MaLing luncheon meat is in line with national standards of safe food, consumers may be safe to eat.

Eat luncheon meat is not necessarily excessive sodium intake
5 10, China Canned Food Industry Association, the Secretary-General Shaoyun Long said in an interview with reporters, both domestic and international testing not mandatory sodium content of food, the so-called standard Consumer Council of Hong Kong is the recommendation of the World Health Organization standards. RDA according to the Ministry of Health recommended adult daily sodium into the standard should not be more than six grams of salt (sodium intake of 2190 mg of conversion). "According to Chinese Diet Habits, difficult to meet the standards. South of about 10 grams of salt per day, north and up to 15 grams. "

China Canned Food Industry Association, also believes that as a luncheon meat main dishes for consumption, such as the one by the average adult consume 200 grams of pork luncheon meat (such amount is already quite large), salt intake of about 3.5 g (sodium content of 1280 conversion mg). In addition, consumers generally do not eat three meals a day luncheon meat. In other words, eat lunch meat usually does not appear excessive sodium intake situation.
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Maling Luncheon Meat Are Safe For Another Way - Lunch Meat, Maling Luncheon Meat - Food Industry

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